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DONATING YOUR MEMORABILIA - lots of local information, collections and memorabilia will be 'lost' when an estate is passed from one generation to the next. How often do we hear of that 'suitcase of old photos' which was thrown out or rotted away in the attic? You can now ensure your collection of books or postcards etc, if not wanted by your successors, are passed into our archive for safe-keeping and for use by those researching local history. Click here to see HERITAGE DONATION FORM. Just complete and keep with YOUR estate documents.


Periodic uploads to the site have been made as follows:

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  • 29.1.2011

Archive /Newspapers Various Newspaper extracts for Kingsand - 5 files
Archive/Rev White Papers Ch.9 image inserts pp 79,80,82,83 & 102
Archive/Galleries Ships with local connections

  • 5.2.2011

Archive/Forts and Archive /Buildings and The Sea/Naval A pictorial and short historical record of the Plymouth Breakwater

  • 10.2.2011

The Sea/Fishing Port of Plymouth Fishing Review with refs to Cawsand 1816
The Group/Past Events Pilchards and Pilchard Pallaces Ron Smith

  • 6.3.2011

Archive/Local Buildings The Woodlands
Archive/Documents Slaters Royal National and Commercial Directory 1852-3
Archive/Newspapers Kingsand Murder 1910
Archive/Forts 1779 Maker Heights

  • 24.3.2011

The Sea/Commercial 'Grayhound' lugger 1776
The Sea/Introduction A bibliography of Shipwrecks

  • 10.4.2011

Archive/Local Buildings The Coastguard Cottages - The New Invention
Archive/Local Buildings The Devonport Inn Kingsand
Archive/Local Buildings The Signal Tower, Maker Church

  • 23.5.2011

Archive/Local Deeds Pemberknowse House
Archive/Local Deeds Obituary of V Adm M Goldsmith prev owner Pemb. Hse
The Sea/Fishing and Commercial Richard Eddey a local hero
The Sea/Commercial 'Grayhound' lugger 1776 - edit ed
The Sea/Commercial 'Greyhound' a chronology known events in the life of the boat
The Sea/Commercial 'Alternative 'Greyhounds' a brief overview.
The Sea/Commercial John Knill 'First' owner of 'Grayhound

  • 29.5.2011

Archive/Local buildings 'Tales from Rame Churchyard

  • 3.6.2011

The Sea/Naval John Pollard - Nelson's Avenger

  • 30.9.2011

Archive/Newspapers The Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Avery 1846
The Group/Past Events Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012 calendar of events (so far)

  • 6.10.2011

The Sea/Introduction Brain Williams - master model maker from Kingsand

  • 27.10.2011

The Group/Past Events Egloshayle, Kingsand
Archive/House Deeds
Egloshayle, Kingsand

  • 10.11.2011

Archive/Local Buildings Trinity House Penlee Point Fog Station

  • 23.11.2011

Archive/Local Research The Voyage of Sir Richard Edgecumbe into Ireland in 1488

  • 29.11.2011

Archive/Local Research Mount Edgcumbe Irish Bronze-Age Horns

  • 19.12.2011

The Sea/Naval The Avery Researches

  • 22.12.2011

The Sea/Commercial Boatbuilding - the Burlaces of Rame

  • 20.1.2012

The Sea/Introduction The 'Quest' anchors in Cawsand Bay........
The Sea/Naval The Amazing Sulivans - a tale of naval careers

  • 21.1.2012

Archive/Newspapers The Great Storm 1817

  • 6.2.2012

Archive/Forts Whitsand Bay Battery (link)

  • 20.3.2012

About us/Past Talks and Archive/Research Papers Geology of Mount Edgcumbe

  • 14.5.2012

Archive/Census 1901 Census Transcription Maker and Rame

  • 16.5.2012

About Us/Past Events and Archive/Local Forts Fort Picklecombe Now and Then
Archive/Local Forts Fort Picklecombe Guns and Armaments

  • 17.5.2012

Archive/Local Forts Cawsand Fort - armaments and a gun model

  • 19.5.2012

Archive/Local Buildings Find out if your house is 'listed'

  • 29.6.2012

About Us - Past Events Record of Romans in the Tamar and Fort Picklecombe Talks

  • 18.2.2013

Archive/Local Buildings Tales of the Churchyard - John R W Ekins

  • 4.3.2013

Archive/Local Places Rame Head - A Remarkably Overlooked Point - Trevor Lipscombe

  • 10.5.2013

Archive/Census 1901 Census Return for Millbrook

  • 14.5.2013

Archive/House Deeds Sam Hancock's Garrett St Cawsand

  • 14.5.2013

Archive/Local Events Rame Floods 2012

  • 14.5.2013

Archive/Local Wills The wills of Margery Johns and John Allen 1778

  • 19.5.2013

Archive/Local Buildings The Tregonhawke Cliff Chalets
Archive/Local Buildings The Sandways Chalets and Sandways Landslides

  • 20.5.2013

Archive/Local Wills Five more local wills added

  • 25.5.2013

Archive/Local Wills One more local will added - Benjamin Avery 1878
Archive/ Research Papers The Archaeology of the Parish of Maker and Rame
About Us/Past Events Copy of Rame Church presentation - D Parker

Galleries Local buses - (descriptions to follow)
Galleries Barn Pool, Mount Edgcumbe

  • 7.6.2013

The Sea/Commercial Fitzroy, Barometers and Cawsand

  • 26.10.2013

Archives/Local Newspapers Whitsands Bay in the Newspapers 1935 -1960
Archives/ Research Papers Social Effects of American Servicemen during World War 11

  • 27.10.2013

Archive/Local Events Fire at the 'Ship Inn' report and images

  • 1.11.2013

Archives/Local Places Up dated Article on Ram(e) Head in SE Australia

  • 1.12.2013

About Us/ Past Events 'Visitors from France' - images from November 2013 Presentation

  • 31.1.2014

About Us/ Past Events May 2013 David Parker Rame Church

  • 23.2.2014

About Us/ Past Events June 2013 Thankes Park a tour with Cynthia Gaskell Brown

  • 23.2.2014

About Us/ Past Events October 2013 Brian Rayden ' The Americans in Rame 1944'

  • 23.2.2014

About Us/ Past Events November 2013 John Risden - 'Visitors from France'

  • 23.2.2014

About Us/ Past Events January 2014 Brian Jones 'The Burial Book' local funerals

  • 23.2.2014

About Us/ Past Events February 2014 Gillian Kempster 'Lest we Forget' local war memorials

  • 15.3.2014

The Sea/Wrecks February 2014 storms reveal wreck of 'the Gypsy' on Freathy Beach
Archives/Local Buildings 1917 Sale of Local houses following death of the Earl of Mt. Edgcumbe

  • 20.2.2015

About Us/Past Events 'Lest we Forget' transcript of February 2015 talk uploaded, together with database of local war memorials
Archives/Rame Church Survey Addition of plots 2 & 3 to records

  • 14.3.2015

Links/Elsewhere Link to Institute website

  • 20.3.2015

Archive/Rame Church Survey Addition of plots 1 ,2, and 7

  • 24.3.2015

Archive/Courier Tales Addition of 2003 - 2013 Historical 'Tales' from the 'Courier'.

  • 26.3.2015

Archive/Courier Memorials Addition of 2003 - 2013 Memorials/Obituaries from the 'Courier'.

  • 18.4.2015

About us/ Next Talks Programme for 2015 - 2016 uploaded

  • 21.4.2015

Archive/Bombings 1939-1945 Record of bombings and defences in Rame

  • 25.11.2015

Archive/Local Buildings and About Us/Past Events Tracing House Names Alison Cameron

  • 23.12.2015

The Sea/Trinity Pilots Trinity Pilots: new topic webpage added

  • 23.1.2016

Archive/Rame Churchyard Survey Addition of plots 8,9,14 and 15

  • 23.1.2016

The Sea/ Introduction Database of 19th century locally registered vessels (c900)

  • 23.1.2016

The Sea/Introduction Trinity Pilots in the Rame Peninsula

  • 25.1.2016

About Us/Past Talks and Archive/Local Forts Brian Rayden comprehensive update of 2012 talk.

  • 23.2.2016

Galleries/Introduction slide show of Polbathic in the early 1900s added
Archive/Census addition of census returns for Sheviock 1841 - 1891
Archive/Rame Churchyard Survey addition of plots 10 and 16 - just two to go!!!
About Us/Past Talks and Archive/Local Forts Brian Rayden further comprehensive update of 2012 talk.
Home Page and Contact us how to donate your historic memorabilia to the History Group

  • 2.3.2016

Archive/Rame Churchyard Survey addition of plots 3, 10, 13 and 14 (now 15 out of 18 plots)

  • 19.3.2016

Archive/Census addition of census returns for Antony 1841 - 1891

  • 9.6.2016

The Sea/Introduction the Tregonhawke Tragedy 1878 part article and link

  • 17.12.2016

Galleries/Introduction A short guide to using Ebay for finding local memorabilia.

  • 23.12.2016

Archive/Local House Deeds a brief history of house owners etc. from the original deeds.
Archive/Local Buildings 'A cottage Deceased' - Alexander Cottage Maker

  • 5.2.2017

Archive/Local Buildings 'Insworke Tide Mill' the full Archaeological Report C Gaskell Brown

  • 5.2.2017

Archive/Research Papers The Voyage of Sir Richard Edgecombe into Ireland in the year 1488

  • 24.2.2017

Archive/research Papers Mount Edgcumbe Irish Bronze Age Horns (both by Cynthia Gaskell Brown)

  • 2.3.2017

Archive/Local Documents A Journal with Delineations from Nature and Remarks Descriptive Principally of Cornwallby Richard Hopkins Leach 1814

  • 5.4.2017

The Sea/Smuggling Ambrose Bowden Cawsand Resident skipper Revenue vessel 'Busy'

  • 5.4.2017

The Sea/ Smuggling Men of the Customs, Revenue and Preventitve Service 18th & 19th C.

  • 9.4.2017

About Us/Next Talks the proposed programme of talks for 2017 - 2018

  • 10.12.2017

Archive/Local Documents Millbrook Parish Council meeting minutes - 1932/7 and 1939/46

  • 31.12.2017

Archive/Local Buildings: Tales from the Churchyard - complete set of six stories

  • 8.1.2018

Archive/Rame Church Survey Church 'woodwork' included in survey results.

Archive/Census: Maker and Rame Voting Lists 1851 -1865

Antony and Tregantle Downderry and Polbathic Millbrook St John Maker and Rame

Archive/Census View handwritten 1939 National Register Pages - Downderry, Polbathic, Crafthole and surrounding farms



2022 Rame Church Burials 1653 - 1901 Alphabetically listed
1983 Kingsand and Cawsand Carnival Programme
1952 Cawsand Bay Regatta Programme
1968 Cawsand Regatta Programme

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