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You have arrived at the homepage of the website for the
Rame Peninsula History Group.

The site was new in mid-January 2011 and we continue to improve our content and expand our local subject matter.

We hope you enjoy the information, smile at some of the stories, perhaps be glad we live in the 21st century?

Please do come to our meetings - we are a very friendly bunch of enthusiasts!!!

We started in January 2003 with the objectives -

To research, record and promote interest in the heritage of the Rame Peninsula
To achieve these objectives the Group agreed that the following tasks should be carried out:

1. Research.

To investigate and collect, through individual member and group activity,
historical information and data relating to local social,
economic and military history; architecture; archeology and genealogy.

2. Record.

To collate relevant information and data, by establishing a data base and
archiving documentary material. In the longer term, to
create a permanent Heritage Museum or Exhibition.

3. Promote Interest.

a. Within the Group by expanding the knowledge of members by field trips,
circulation of papers and exchange of information.
b. Outside the Group by advancing public interest through the display
of information on places of local interest

The group meets in the Congregational Hall on the third Monday of the month,
but no meetings are normally held in July, August or December.

Details of meetings are circulated via posters and monthly emails sent to interested members.
Please add your name to the monthly email distribution list


THERE ARE NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FEES!!!. All costs of the group are met by a charge of 2.00 per person for each meeting attended. If you wish to become a member, simply complete an application form when you next attend and 1 of your 'attendance' charge will be allocated as your subscription.

The Group already enjoys recognition as a serious research body within the local community. We are well on the way to
achieving a collection of valuable documents to call on during our investigations, and several significant research projects have
been started which will in time contribute to achieving the objectives of the Group.

DONATING YOUR MEMORABILIA - lots of local information, collections and memorabilia will be 'lost' when an estate is passed from one generation to the next. How often do we hear of that 'suitcase of old photos' which was thrown out or rotted away in the attic? You can now ensure your collection of books or postcards etc, if not wanted by your successors, are passed into our archive for safe-keeping and for use by those researching local history. Click here to see HERITAGE DONATION FORM. Just complete and keep with YOUR estate documents.


Using the 'search function' at the top of each page, you can investigate all
the website pages and in addition, attached PDF files which are linked by a simple mouse click.


For ease of checking recent uploads, please go to our Additions tab on the
top menu, there you will find a list of new inclusions.

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