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Local Buildings



In the Rame Peninsula area, there are a number of buildings which immediately catch the eye.
In the following pages and attachments, we detail some of the history of these buildings and also
give the would-be researcher some hints on where to go to pursue those 'hidden' historical details
of the property they are studying.

Listed Buildings in the Rame Peninsula

Is your house listed as being of special historic or architectural importance?
Go to the website below to find out:

Articles on Local Buildings:

The following are clickable links to PDF articles on the following buildings:

New 2024 Hooe Lake Cottage ('Hunters Cottage') Tonny Steenhagen

New 2023 Balcony Cottage Garrett Street Cawsand
- How Keith and Alison Cameron recorded the history of their house.

NEW 2022 Weare Cottages for Sale - 1811 advert for local properties

NEW 2022 Breakwater image file.

NEW 2022 A breakwater for Cawsand Bay
- some possible schemes that never materialised

NEW 2022 Ordnance Survey Map - showing local boundary stones ( see below for survey article ).

NEW 2021 A History of St German's Hut Tonny Steenhagen

NEW 2020 Local Boundary Stones a comprehensive local survey by Mark Fenlon

NEW 2022 Ordnance Survey Map - showing local boundary stones

NEW 2020 'From Beer to Bricks, Southdown near Millbrook' Cynthia Gaskell Brown 2020

NEW 2020 'Mount Edgcumbe Home Farm and Cremyll Antiques' SW Archaeology 2018

NEW 2018 'The Criterion Hotel 1973 - 1980' Betty Shimell

NEW 2017 'A Cottage Deceased' Alexander Cottage, Maker - now demolished.

NEW 2017 ' Insworke Tide Mill', Millbrook the full Archaeoligical Report 2011 Cynthia Gaskell Brown.

Maker and Rame Institute

Insworke Mill Millbrook walkabout handout June 2009

Sale of houses land and ropewalk at Wear, Millbrook 1811

Plymouth Breakwater
also filed on Archive/Forts page and The Sea /Naval page

The Woodlands, Cawsand

The Coastguard Cottages Cawsand - The New Invention

The Signal Tower, Maker Church

Tales from the Rame
Churchyard, SIX very different tales relating the the stories of some of our earlier residents - Richard Eddey, John T Morman, Susan Harris, Steven Edwards - squire of Rame and John R W Ekins
(These articles reproduced by kind permission of Margaret Parker who is the author and copyright holder).
Copies of these tales are available for purchase at the rear of Rame Church - near the hand-pumped organ.

Trinity House Penlee Point Fog Station

Tregonhawke Cliff Chalets click here for article or click here for slide show

Sandways Chalets click here for article or click here for slide show
or click here for landslide images

Death Duties on the Mt Edgcumbe Estate
force the sale of Kingsand, Cawsand and Millbrook houses in 1919.
Mike Thomas, Cawsand resident has kindly allowed us to reproduce a facsimile of the sale documents, describing many properties (and there were more outside the Rame Peninsula - Bere Ferrers especially). Pencilled in on the pages are the values achieved as the sales proceeded. Click HERE to read the document.

Find out about your own house see file below


The Institute, Kingsand - how the building has changed:

The following images are listed in chronological order. Observe the structural changes to the building itself,
the addition of buildings around the Institute, and yes, the change in the tree line behind.

Other Local Buildings: we hope to include articles on the following buildings in due course:

Finding out about a building:

March 2013 Alison Cameron gave a talk to the group on her searches for historic documents and records for BALCONY COTTAGE, CAWSAND she kindly agreed to our publishing a short record of her 'search' techniques here: TRACING THE HISTORY OF YOUR HOUSE IN CORNWALL

(there is also a link under the ABOUT US/PAST EVENTS TAB on our menu bar.

Need to know more about your house?

The study of the history of individual buildings is often a lengthy process of gathering pieces of information from a wide variety of sources. Studying a building's architectural features by reference to books on architecture may help to give an approximate date of building.

The Local Studies Centre (Coxside, Plymouth, and also at Truro), hold catalogues of listed buildings for Cornish parishes. These contain details on the age and structure of each building described.

Title Deeds
These will provide the names of the owners and sometimes the tenants of the property, as well as describing the property. Plans may be included. Title deeds may also contain an abstract of title that details other, earlier deeds not transferred with the property. The Record Office holds many collections of title deeds dating from the twelfth century to the twentieth century. Searchers will find details of these collections in the office's place index and the lists of collections which are kept in the search room area. An information leaflet explaining words used in title deeds and legal terms in property records is also available.

Maps and Plans
Successive editions of the Ordnance Survey maps of larger scales will give much detail of the changing plan of buildings shown. Alterations to the outline shape of a building may appear on different editions.
Available on microfiche are the Ordnance Survey first edition (c.1890) and second edition (c.1905) 25 inch to one mile maps (with some originals held by the Record Office), Local Studies Centre also has more recent editions at both scales . The Record Office holds microfiche of tithe maps with their apportionments, which date from c.1840 and cover whole parishes. The maps show the land of the parish divided up into numbered properties. In addition, the Record Office holds several hundred maps and plans for particular estates the Edgcumbe and Antony estates are just two. (Some, purchasable on CD from Truro).

Rate Books
The Record Office has various types of rate book among its collections of parish and local authority records. Rate books generally record the owners and the tenants of property and rates payable with a brief description of the property

Trade Directories and Census Returns (non-Record Office material)
The Local Studies Centre holds published trade directories for Cornwall and the south west - , 1830 - 1939. The directories list the wealthier residents and trades people in each parish and are useful for tracing the occupancy of farms, named houses and businesses in towns. SEE OUR LOCAL DOCUMENTS PAGE

Electoral registers
Some electoral registers (lists of voters) are held by the Record Office on microfilm. A full address is not usually given unless it is the name of a farm, and searchers should note that relatively few people (mostly men) were entitled to vote until the later nineteenth century.

Tax Assessments (partly non-Record Office material)
Land tax assessments for Cornish parishes, 1780 - 1832, are held by the Record Office on microfilm. The returns give the names of owners and occupiers of property in each parish with a brief description of the property (for example the name of a farm). Properties in towns and villages are more difficult to identify if they have no name. Transcripts of other taxation records may be available.

Sale Catalogues
Sale catalogues describe buildings, farms and other property and often give the names of tenants and details of land use. They may also include maps. The Record Office holds numerous sale catalogues from the middle of the nineteenth century on and these are included in the Office's place index. Due to fire at Mt Edgcumbe House during World War Two many documents were destroyed. Cornwall Records Office has many copy documents recording the various estate property sales - especially in the early 1920s when many Edgcumbe proporties were sold at auction.

More information can be gathered, just click on any of the following:

The National Archive
Formerly known as the Public Record Office, includes an online catalogue and over 100 research leaflets.
Access to Archives
Searchable database of records in local record offices and libraries, universities, museums, and national and specialist institutions across England.
Ancestry Library Edition
Free access to the Ancestry website from our library computers. Trace the people who lived in your home with the UK census from 1841 to 1901, parish records, maps and more.
Family Search
Search for former Cornish inhabitants in the various census records. (Church of Latter-Day Saints).
Heritage Gateway
Search national and local records of England's historic sites and buildings.
National Monuments Record
A good source for archaeology, buildings and aerial photography throughout England.
Enables you to search for your town and view maps and aerial photos online.
Contains useful resources for researching architectural history.

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